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Toddlers and Trains
Come visit Dallas Moms Blog today to see my post Trains and Toddlers about getting out of the house with kids in an unexpected way. *  *  *  * Tune in Monday for my tale of the midnight MRI that just…wouldn’t…end.... Permalink
Chivalry is Dead in Dallas – or A Woman’s Guide to Riding the Trains in Dallas
Chivalry died in Dallas when I was 8 months pregnant with L. When I was still a traditional working woman, I worked in downtown Dallas.  With parking exorbitantly expensive, and the parking garages so large that it would take you 10 minutes just to get out onto the main street, I began riding the DART Rail to work every day. The station was literally across the street from my office building, so this seemed like a sensible idea. I will be the first to admit that I can be supremely naive at times, and my first trips on the train provided ample evidence of this.  I don’t know what I expected, but it was probably somewhere between what actually exists on a train married to snippets of the black and white shows I grew up on (my parents were suckers for black and white movies).  It’s actually a wonder I had any friends after elementary school, as I used to try to talk my friends into watching Abbott & Costello and the Marx Brothers when they would come over for sleepovers. (Nerd alert!) After over a year of riding the rails of Dallas, I now offer A Woman’s Guide to Riding the Trains in Dallas. The first thing about riding the trains in Dallas is to understand that most people aren’t friendly.  All of the white-collar workers promptly find a seat as soon as they board, and proceed to bury their heads in the Dallas Morning News Quick, or the WSJ, or whatever else they’ve brought to read.  From this point on there will be no eye contact nor will there be any polite chitchat.  Asking if the seat next to them is available could possibly grant you a momentary glance followed by a negative grunt.  Expect no more than this.... Continue Reading