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The Ugly Side of Attachment Parenting
I’m a big proponent of attachment parenting (A.P.). Basically it’s the belief that babies, in particular small babies, cry for a reason (not to be manipulative). It’s also the belief that children best gain independence on their own terms. [I often wonder if this was a wise parenting choice for me, as the mother of one increasingly independent baby and two older girls whose pictures should be under the definition of “independent” in the OED.] My reasons for choosing attachment parenting aren’t necessarily that I think crying it out or otherwise forcing separation makes for crazy adults, but rather that it just plain goes against my conscience. As a mother I figure God gave me my conscience for a reason, so I try to temper it with reason and follow it whenever possible. In all the things you read about, however, nobody really talks about the point in parenting in which A.P. gets ugly. In case you’re wondering, we’ve just entered the ugly stage with A. So ugly, in fact, that it could be called U.G.L.Y. U.  – Up.  As in, once the baby sharing your bed (or in our case sleeping in a side-car crib to our bed) learns how to climb off said bed by herself she will be Up and not Asleep. Want to lay her down for a nap and she’s note quite ready? You’ll hear a light slapping on the bedroom door letting you know that she’s NOT in her bed and is most definitely Up. G. – Go Where Mommy Goes, I do. At first we had babies who LOVED their daddies. Then we had babies that went through separation anxiety. And in case you weren’t aware, the A.P. solution for separation anxiety is MORE mom time. Baby doesn’t want you to go to... Continue Reading
Something’s Gotta Stick
I don’t know how things work in your house, but around here desperation shows rears its ugly head with the telltale effort of Husband and I throwing as many things as we can at our problem and seeing what sticks. Make sense? Not really, I know, but I suppose that would be why it’s called desperation. The latest problem around here is my zombie-fication sleep, or the lack thereof. And the things we are throwing against the wall right now include: 1. A fully carni-vegan Kelly. [no cheating…not even by licking yogurt off my fingers!] 2. More table food throughout the day for A. 3. A bigger sleeping area for A. [more on this later] 4. Baby anbesol or it’s over the counter equivalent. 5. Very regular, scheduled nap times, including different practice times for the girls’ gymnastics. 6. PRAYER. [lots.]... Permalink