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Sunday is Funday
To show that we try to keep everything on an even keel and that not every day is like Friday…here’s Sunday: 6:00  Nurse A. and let her fall back asleep next to me. 10:00  Husband comes into bedroom with appropriate greeting:  “Hello, sleepyhead.”  I ask him what time it is. 10:30  I roll out of bed, thinking only of food and how grateful I am to have slept in. As luck would have it, mini cereal boxes arrived with the Sunday morning paper. I see all of the boxes strewn about the kitchen table and a receipt for a breakfast burrito from Fuzzy’s. Everyone has been fed! I set about to make myself some oatmeal and toast. 11:00  Shower time! 12:45  We arrive at the pool, which unbeknownst to us doesn’t open until 1:00. We use the time to lather everyone with sunblock … 30 spf for me and the girls, and 12 spf for Husband. We also blow up water wings in preparation of the rush to the pool as soon as the lifeguards are in position. 1:50  I have just nursed A. to sleep and put her in the little bed we rigged up for her. This consists of a blow up raft with a towel as padding, placed on the ground. We then place a chair on either end of the raft and string up a long blanket. She gets breeze, can see us, and has absolutely no high-noon rays on her perfect baby skin. 2:00  Everyone is hungry, and I talk Husband into letting me go. I phone in a takeout order from McAlister’s, and plan to stop at Chipotle (my favorite carni-vegan place to eat!) on the way back to the pool.  “She’s asleep,” I say. Famous last words. 2:10  Arrive at McAlister’s and food... Continue Reading
The Importance of Community
Today I was again reminded of how sad life is when you are an island. Our family has moved around quite a bit over the last 9 years, and I’m ashamed to say that the number of people we’ve remained in touch with could be counted on one hand.  The flip side, I suppose, is that the people we’ve remained in touch with are the ones whose friendship is true, and not merely necessitated by circumstances or geographic location. We’ve lived in our house now for 7 months, and are (again!) settling into the community slowly but surely.  We joined a community pool (after the horrific splash pad incident) and have already enjoyed it immensely, but today we hit our first snafu.  I took all the girls to the pool and had just settled in when I realized I had to go to the bathroom.  L. was in the large pool playing happily, S. was sitting in the shade next to me, and A. had just fallen asleep on the chair in front of me. Houston, we have a BIG problem.  Our choices? Leave the girls and run to the bathroom as quickly as possible. Wake up Abigail, put her in the BabyHawk, go to the bathroom, and deal with the consequences of a baby who just had a 5 minute nap. Find a stranger to watch my children. I hope you’re laughing about these choices, because although the second one was feasible, none of them were any good.  Enter acquaintance from new Grace Based Parenting study I just finished, who also happens to be a longtime friend of two of my friends.  In one fell swoop she says hello (making me feel awesome, because now I actually know somebody at the pool) and solves my problem by offering to... Continue Reading