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Klepto Babies
Motherhood should come with its own sorts of warnings. Among them: * Think twice before sticking your finger down the back of your child’s diaper to see if it’s wet. You may get the dreaded “poop finger”. Or worse, the “poop under the fingernail”.... Permalink
Overdoer’s Anonymous, Day One-Half
Hi.  My name is Kelly, and I’m an overdoer. I tend to be one of those people that others look at and say “I don’t know how she does it!”  The truth, which nobody ever seems to believe, is that I don’t do it – or at least I don’t do it well.  I take too much on my plate, end up doing everything half as well as I’d like, get cranky, lose my temper, regret the crankiness and temper losing, and thank Husband and children for being patient with ME. As always, I’m full to the BRIM with examples. *  *  *  * Husband is out of town this weekend, and while a sane person would take that as a cue to relax, stick around the house, and keep things calm, I’ve once again managed to embroil myself in more than I can handle.  To be fair and completely honest, it wasn’t SUPPOSED to be this way.  When Husband gave me the dates for the snowboarding trip I’d insisted he go on I’d said “That’s sounds perfect!” without ever actually looking at the calendar on our wall. Bad…bad…Kelly. Thursday started off innocently enough with packing and quality time with the girls.  At the last minute, however, said children decided they really wanted to take their daddy to the airport, and so into the car we all piled.  [A. had just gone down for a nap less than 20 minutes before we left for the airport.]  We dropped Husband at the airport, turned around, and I finally realized that I had forgotten to go the grocery store while he was still here.  That meant driving through Arby’s for lunch, and of course blowing all that progress I was so happy about last weekend with not eating out [since Husband was... Continue Reading