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Dr. Smith’s Ointment Launch Party
This week I had the exciting opportunity to attend the Dallas launch party of Dr. Smith’s Premium Blend Diaper Ointment. This was exciting to me for multiple reasons: 1) I was presented with the opportunity to meet Ali Landry; 2) Diaper rash was a consistent problem for both S. and A. whenever we would temporarily switch to disposable diapers; and 3) It was being hosted at Fearings at the Ritz-Carlton (and as a foodie you know I cannot resist such a buzz-worthy hotspot). I had a blast getting to meet other bloggers from as far away as Austin, as well obtain some amazing samples of Dr. Smith’s Ointment. As stated earlier, with both of my younger girls we ran into significant diaper rash problems whenever we would switch to disposable diapers. And really, there are just times where you NEED disposable diapers. We also battled thrush consistently with A. (which would only resolve when I gave up yeast and refined sugar. Seriously.) So with baby #4 on the way I am now fully armed with diaper rash protection and the knowledge of what it’s like to have to host an Emmy fashion show wrap-up just 8 weeks after you’ve had a baby. All I can say is that Ali Landry is a far braver woman than I.    ... Permalink
Take it Easy (on Yourself)
I think there are probably two kinds of people in this world: the greys, and the black and whites. And of course where you stand depends on what, exactly, we’re talking about.... Permalink
Going T.V. Free For My Kids’ Sake
A few weeks ago one of the homeschooling groups I belong to posted this video about young children, television, and overstimulation from TED:... Permalink
5 Things I Dislike Doing
1. Organizing the art area AFTER L. has “cleaned up”.... Permalink
The Burst Pipe
It really didn’t look that bad when I left the house. Though truth be told someone, somewhere, would probably say that you should never actually leave the house when you are aware that there’s is water bubbling out of the ground and you’ve done nothing to stop it. My bad.... Permalink
Does SEX Matter??
Click here to see my full article at Dallas Moms Blog today!... Permalink
The Ugly Side of Attachment Parenting
I’m a big proponent of attachment parenting (A.P.). Basically it’s the belief that babies, in particular small babies, cry for a reason (not to be manipulative). It’s also the belief that children best gain independence on their own terms. [I often wonder if this was a wise parenting choice for me, as the mother of one increasingly independent baby and two older girls whose pictures should be under the definition of "independent" in the OED.] My reasons for choosing attachment parenting aren’t necessarily that I think crying it out or otherwise forcing separation makes for crazy adults, but rather that it just plain goes against my conscience. As a mother I figure God gave me my conscience for a reason, so I try to temper it with reason and follow it whenever possible. In all the things you read about, however, nobody really talks about the point in parenting in which A.P. gets ugly. In case you’re wondering, we’ve just entered the ugly stage with A. So ugly, in fact, that it could be called U.G.L.Y. U.  - Up.  As in, once the baby sharing your bed (or in our case sleeping in a side-car crib to our bed) learns how to climb off said bed by herself she will be Up and not Asleep. Want to lay her down for a nap and she’s note quite ready? You’ll hear a light slapping on the bedroom door letting you know that she’s NOT in her bed and is most definitely Up. G. – Go Where Mommy Goes, I do. At first we had babies who LOVED their daddies. Then we had babies that went through separation anxiety. And in case you weren’t aware, the A.P. solution for separation anxiety is MORE mom time. Baby doesn’t want you to go to... Continue Reading
Something’s Gotta Stick
I don’t know how things work in your house, but around here desperation shows rears its ugly head with the telltale effort of Husband and I throwing as many things as we can at our problem and seeing what sticks. Make sense? Not really, I know, but I suppose that would be why it’s called desperation. The latest problem around here is my zombie-fication sleep, or the lack thereof. And the things we are throwing against the wall right now include: 1. A fully carni-vegan Kelly. [no cheating...not even by licking yogurt off my fingers!] 2. More table food throughout the day for A. 3. A bigger sleeping area for A. [more on this later] 4. Baby anbesol or it’s over the counter equivalent. 5. Very regular, scheduled nap times, including different practice times for the girls’ gymnastics. 6. PRAYER. [lots.]... Permalink
Overdoer’s Anonymous, Day One-Half
Hi.  My name is Kelly, and I’m an overdoer. I tend to be one of those people that others look at and say “I don’t know how she does it!”  The truth, which nobody ever seems to believe, is that I don’t do it – or at least I don’t do it well.  I take too much on my plate, end up doing everything half as well as I’d like, get cranky, lose my temper, regret the crankiness and temper losing, and thank Husband and children for being patient with ME. As always, I’m full to the BRIM with examples. *  *  *  * Husband is out of town this weekend, and while a sane person would take that as a cue to relax, stick around the house, and keep things calm, I’ve once again managed to embroil myself in more than I can handle.  To be fair and completely honest, it wasn’t SUPPOSED to be this way.  When Husband gave me the dates for the snowboarding trip I’d insisted he go on I’d said “That’s sounds perfect!” without ever actually looking at the calendar on our wall. Bad…bad…Kelly. Thursday started off innocently enough with packing and quality time with the girls.  At the last minute, however, said children decided they really wanted to take their daddy to the airport, and so into the car we all piled.  [A. had just gone down for a nap less than 20 minutes before we left for the airport.]  We dropped Husband at the airport, turned around, and I finally realized that I had forgotten to go the grocery store while he was still here.  That meant driving through Arby’s for lunch, and of course blowing all that progress I was so happy about last weekend with not eating out [since Husband was... Continue Reading
Going With the Flow
Does anyone else find the continually adjusting naptimes of little ones to be impossible to keep up with? A.’s sleeping schedule has changed, AGAIN, and I’m now to the point where I feel as if I can’t really do anything or go anywhere. Mornings have always been my go-to time for running errands…A. used to sleep in until 9 or so, allowing me to go to the store, mall, etc. without fear of her falling asleep in the car. *  *  *  * Our typical day  now runs like this: 7:00 A. awake…I try to ignore her talking until she stands up in her co-sleeper and starts talking directly to me.  I’m tired, but it’s still so cute… 8:00 Breakfast for me and kiddos 8:45 Breakfast over – dishes loaded in dishwasher (if I’m lucky.  Today, for example, there are still dishes on the counter AND the table…and the sink) 9:00 A. down for nap 11:20 A. wakes up 11:45 Start getting lunch ready for Husband to come home 1:00 Husband is back at work and dishes are (again, hopefully) put away in dishwasher 1:30-2:00 A. is ready for round two of naptime. 3:30 A. wakes up, and I have to start getting dinner ready 4:00-4:30 Feed L. before her gymnastics practice 5:00 Leave to take L. to practice 6:00 Arrive home, and reheat dinner 7:00 A. goes to bed, and S. shortly thereafter 8:00 Husband goes to pick L. up from practice (or me if I’m in need of some alone car time) 8:45 Feed L. copious amounts of food (last night, for instance, she ate a kid’s Clif bar on the way home, a bag of cheerios, a medium Arby’s sandwich, another Clif bar, and then a Twix for dessert). Sometime after this Husband and I collapse for... Continue Reading