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7 Reasons to Cloth Diaper
Come on over to Dallas Moms Blog and read my article about why cloth diapering is worth a shot for your family. If you’ve cloth diapered in the past or currently are, what are your favorite things about it?... Permalink
Diapers, diapers, diapers
I’m on the verge of refurbishing all of my Bum Genius 3.0 diapers, a task that I actually began approximately 6 months ago [what…me?  procrastinate??]  My reasons are simple enough: after one year of use on S. all of the elastic and all of the aplix on 26 diapers was completely shot.  I tried using them on A. when she was a newbie, and at the time thought they were just too large for her legs.  As she is now almost 10 months old, however, and quite nicely filled out, I’ve realized that the problem lies not with sweet A., but with the diapers themselves. When I began this project [oh, how long ago that was!] I bought snap pliers from KAM and planned on simply ripping out the velcro, which made the famed Bum Genius daisy chain, and replacing it with said snaps.  I did a few, which turned out well but were time consuming and laborious.  The biggest issue I had, however, was that I didn’t feel the fit was nearly as good with snaps versus aplix. My immediate solution?  Buy new diapers!! Okay, okay, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  I actually went on eBay and found a large lot of Fuzzi Bunz [recommended by my sister-in-law] without inserts that I was able to purchase them for $5.70 per diaper.  YESSS.  That is an amazing price, by the way.  I’d heard people say that even though FB diapers were sized, a lot of smaller children were able to wear the smalls until they potty trained.  Calculating the weights of S. and L. when they potty trained I realized that this would have been the case with both of them, as well.  So how did my plan turn out? The good news was that I really liked... Continue Reading