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Somersaults Used to be Easy
In anticipation of the last Friday Night Open Gym at our local gymnastics haunt, I decided it was high time I practiced some basic childhood skills.  I’ve watched S., who isn’t yet 3, do somersaults for months.  All the while I’ve thought she was terribly clever for learning so early, yet remembered how often I used to do the same as a child.  I’ve watched L. master her cartwheels and do handstands, feeling the same pride while knowing that I could do them all just as easily if I wasn’t, say, pregnant. The 6 week mark of life with A. happened to fall on the last Open Gym, and so I decided that as a treat to my family I would use the occasion to return to “Fun Kelly”.  Fun Kelly jumps on the trampolines, hangs from the bars, and is not afraid of doing a flip into the pit, even though she will actually land flat on her back instead of completing a graceful landing.  This is in stark contract to Pregnant Kelly, who walks around telling L. and S. that she cannot jump on the trampoline, while having her baby boulder ogled by the masses. In light of the fact that I am, actually, aging, I realized that before trying any of those things in front of other people, even if those people were all of the little variety (as in children – not actually little people), I decided to try a few somersaults and handstands in the house.  I knew how it would go:  I would practice a few somersaults to get the feeling of actually rolling upside down in my head.  This would inevitably lead to some sort of fearless flip into the foam pit later that night.  I would also practice a few handstands, as... Continue Reading