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Enter the Carni-Vegan, Stage Left
After two wonderful girls, who spread happiness and sleeplessness at the same time, the pregnancy of A. convinced me that hope and change was needed.  Not the false Hope and Change spread out on Che-ripped billboards, but the kind that might actually change the course of mine and Husband’s lives for the first year and a half of our children’s lives. Armed with the knowledge that food allergies are prominent in our family (both in me and husband, as well as L. and S.), I decided to take the grand leap into the land of the dairy-free.  Previously, I had toyed with this idea briefly when both L and S were in their first years.  However, I had only half-heartedly given up dairy, as they had slept no more than two hours at a stretch, had spit up so profusely that they had required bibs all day long, and had egregious cradle cap.  I  still had yogurt, ice cream, and butter( in my oatmeal), all the while my mother’s intuition was telling me that this was not enough. So here I am:  6 weeks into the blessed life of newborn A., having withheld all cow’s milk since the moment she entered the world.  My assessment:  Success! A. sleeps through the night, does not spit up, and has no cradle cap.  She cries only when she’s hungry, wet, or wants to be cuddled, which all seems perfectly logical to me. I can say unequivocally that it is not worth the risk to see if she is the first of our children to not have a dairy problem.  After having read that cow’s milk can stay in breastmilk up to two weeks, taking that risk seems almost silly. So what am I actually eating?  Let’s start with what I’m not eating.  At... Continue Reading