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A New Apron and New Hair
It’s no secret that I love to cook. What I’ve discovered in my 7 + years of having children, however, is that if you love to cook (and your children love to be around when you’re cooking) an apron is a must-have. Why?... Permalink
The Quest for Lard
I wandered into the valley of homemade tortillas this week, and my first impression was “Wow, that was really easy!”  This was followed by my second opinion, which was “Hmmmm, I bet these would taste way better made of lard instead of vegetable shortening (which was all I had in the pantry), which was what the recipe had called for.”  So, naturally, I set off on a quest to find lard. I vaguely remembered seeing lard at Kroger and Tom Thumb, but I wasn’t sure how “pure” it was.  The answer I discovered after a trip to my local grocer?  Not very pure at all.  Lard was the main ingredient, followed by hydrogenated lard, followed by three different chemicals to preserve flavor.  I.  THINK.  NOT. This all led me to internet research (which, according to the AMA is dangerous and should be strongly discouraged)  (I jest, people, I jest!).  What I discovered is that organic lard is indeed readily available, you just have to know where to look.  The organic/grass-fed farms that sell items online usually carry it, although they only carry it in large sizes (2.5-5 lbs.). What about buying local?  YES!  There is a local farm that sells at the Dallas Farmers Market on Saturday under the name Busy B’s Market.  The lard is sold in smaller sizes, can be frozen up to a year, and can be used in place of crisco or bacon fat for a large variety of recipes.  It is also available from the same farm though a local Dallas co-op, Brian Speaks. This Saturday morning (since my MIL will be in town and I’ll have people to help with the kids) I’m going to DASH down to the farmer’s market and buy myself some lard.... Permalink