Pepper’s Paws provides in home dog training services and group training classes are offered at Dogtopia of Chester Springs. Chenille bathroom Water-absorbing non-sliping door mat [living room] bedroom Bedside floor mat Sofa cushions Stair mats-K 60x90cm(24x35inch)We have extensive experience helping dogs adjust to their new homes, teaching dogs basic manners, and resolving nuisance behavior problems with dogs. Does your dog jump on you? Jump on guests? Knock the kids over? We can help with that. Do you have a  barker? A digger? A dog that takes YOU for a walk?Creative Desktop Three-Tier Rack Small sort Storage Storage Shelf Office Assistant Desktop Storage Rack-C We know just how you feel – and we can help! Do you love your dog, but you aren’t crazy about your dog’s behavior? We get it! Pepper’s Paws can help you be proud of the dog you love!

We use positive reinforcement training methods – treats, praise, and life rewards will get the results you need with your dog.

new dog trainingWe specialize in helping newly adopted dogs adjust to their furever homes and helping dogs new to training to love it too!Bathroom Water-Absorbing Non-Slip Foot Pads Bedroom Kitchen mats doormats-E 60x90cm(24x35inch)

Pepper’s Paws provides dog training services in the greater Exton area (Chester Springs, Lionville, West Chester, Downingtown, the Western Main Line, Coatesville – pretty much all of Central/Northern Chester County). Bathroom Non-Slip Mats Shower Mats PVC Mats Bathroom Plastic Mat Doormat Mat-B 40x88cm(16x35inch)We offer single sessions, package plans for specific issues/challenges you are having and AMAZING comprehensive packages that will make you proud of the dog you love! Click here for more info!