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Why Do We Hide the Things We Use Most?
Officially added to the list of Why Do I Put These Things Away is clear packing tape. It has taken almost three years for me to accept that S. is to books what Godzilla was to Japan.  She eats them, destroys them, and only then will deign to read the ones that have passed (a.k.a. survived) the meal-time/destruction litmus test.  It has become just another glaring example to Husband and me that children are who they are, with parental influence affecting probably 25% of the final product.  L. and S. have been raised the same way regarding books, and though L. was able to handle the responsibility of paper books by one year, S. does not seem to be gifted in that same particular area. Today we added Lyle the Crocodile to the ever growing pile of paperback books that need to be repaired.  Also temporarily retired to said pile are Tangled, Madeline,  The Aristocats, Robin Hood, Little Cottontail, and Ask Mr. Bear.  And every day, as I look at that pile, I wonder where in the world I put the clear packing tape, and why on earth I didn’t leave it in a more reasonable place.  Like on top of the refrigerator:  always in sight, and always available. Why Do I Put These Things Away seems to be a growing list, and currently includes the measuring tape, the seam ripper, Husband’s Swiss Army Knife, my Nook charger, lotion (which must be hidden from S.), and the flashlights. My computer is about to die, and it appears I’ve put away the charger.  Hmmmmmm, I guess I may have another addition for my list…      ... Permalink