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Easy Breakfast for a Family of Five
Breakfast is a killer for a family that eats real food. No pop tarts, no cereal... Permalink
Kelly’s Going-Bananas Banana Bread
I know, I know, we all have great banana bread recipes. But this, I PROMISE you, is worth a try.... Permalink
The Taste Test
I love Costco. Yes I do, yes I do. I’ve also finally started to come around to buying the Kirkland brand of products [in some cases]. But when I came home from the store the other day with the Kirkland brand of chocolate chips…... Permalink
Adventures of the Carni-Vegan
Sorry I’ve been absent the last few weeks, but I’ve been busy eating. No, literally. I’ve spent almost every waking hour of the last two weeks stuffing my face full of anything and everything (including dairy products) I could find. The reason? Turns out those silly folks that talk about the paleo diet are right [at least regarding my body]: eating meat, veggies, and fruits DOES make you lose weight and have more energy than you could imagine. The problem? [Bear with me as I know that the idea of post-baby weight loss doesn’t really seem like a problem…] I’m also breastfeeding. [Dun-dun-dun —– cue: scary music] Wait, breastfeeding while eating the paleo diet doesn’t sound scary to you?  Let’s have a visual aid. For a normal person the paleo diet rocks, and they end up looking like this:   For me the paleo diet looks like this: And no matter how you put it, the above-referenced picture is just NOT ideal for wives, mothers, your friends, or…well, anyone. On that note, and in an attempt to remedy said situation, I’m off to have another piece of toast this morning. Adieu.... Permalink
Nutella and Strep Throat
Today as a Valentine’s Day offering L. was given the gift of……strep throat. This, of course, led to a cancellation of her attendance at her co-op party as well as the gymnastics Valentine’s Day party that was supposed to occur this evening. Great.  What to do now? This over-doer initially planned on staging our OWN Valentine’s Day party, complete with homemade valentines on the walls and batches of eggless heart-shaped cookies. However, as part of my overall plan to reduce the stress in my life, I managed to shake myself a few times and realize that this might be a bit much on my plate for the afternoon (especially with Husband in the middle of a trial). That’s right – this mother settled on smearing Nutella on slices of freshly baked bread from this morning. Kids happy, problem solved. *  *  *  * Except that now THIS mother can’t stop eating the stuff herself.  Today is definitely not a carni-vegan day.... Permalink
Easy Quinoa
This is one of my best “healthy” and quick dishes.  As a mother of three, this meal is the one guaranteed pick-me-up during the day and well worth the 20 minutes it takes to fix.  Often I’m the only one eating it because the girls think quinoa looks funny once it’s cooked, and Husband sticks pretty closely to a paleo-diet (although quinoa is one of the grains he’ll eat without much fuss).  None of that matters, however, because the stuff is so yummy and nutritious that I’ll eat it all myself (and put any leftovers in the fridge for lunch the  next day) and have loads of energy the rest of the day.  If I’m making it go as a side, I’ll flavor it according to whatever I’m making…so enchiladas means I’ll add a little bit of cumin and chili powder, and perhaps a can of diced tomatoes; italian means I’ll add some oregano and basil…you get the picture.  Also, you can get the quinoa in a large bag at Costco, and I’m always a fan of buying in bulk! I originally received this from my mother, but since she’s vegan I had to carni-vegan it up!!   Recipe: Quinoa Ingredients 3 Tbs. olive oil 1 red onion, minced 1 red bell pepper, minced 2 zucchini, halved and sliced thinly 2-3 cloves garlic, minced 3 cups chicken broth 1 1/2 cups quinoa (rinse VERY well) Instructions Add olive oil to pan and head to medium high. Saute onion, bell pepper and zucchini about 5 minutes, until onions begin to soften. Add in garlic and cook for 30 seconds until fragrant. Add in chicken broth and quinoa and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer, cover, and cook for 15 minutes. Opt.: add shredded chicken or other source of extra... Continue Reading
The Carni-Vegan Dines Out
[Me:] “Yes, I’d like the small Mowie Wowie, please.  With daiaya cheese instead of mozzarella.” [Man at Mellow Mushroom:] “No problem.  Ummmm, are you okay with the ham and bacon?” [Me:] “Yes.  I’m a carni-vegan.” [Man at Mellow Mushroom:] “Alright, it’s all good.  I’ve just never ever heard of that combination before!” *  *  *  * So I had my first experience with daiaya cheese, and I’ve got to tell you, it kind of creeped me out.  I was expecting it to look like real cheese, which it probably does until it comes out onto a table full of mozzarella cheese-covered pizzas. Everyone else’s pizza cheese looked bubbly and yellow. Mine?  It looked like someone had draped somewhat gelatinous, opaque shreds of something all over the pizza.  The color was also a teensy off-putting; I would describe it as white with some grayish hues. My solution, of course, was to make Husband eat some of it after I had gotten a few bites in. [Husband:] “Do I have to?” [Me:] “Yes.” [Husband, after thoughtfully chewing a large bite:] “Hmmm.  It’s actually pretty good.” (I’m still not sure he said this JUST to make me feel better.) I continued to chip away at my slice of pizza, which for the record had a pesto base, applewood smoked bacon, ham, pineapple, and banana peppers.  I figured with all of the toppings the daiaya would be more for show, and that it would be a great opportunity to give it a try.  As it turned out, however, the texture of the cheese was very creamy (not what I was expecting) and the after-flavor of the cheese almost reminded me of goat cheese (which I do NOT like). All in all, I will be getting my next pizza sans cheese – daiya or any... Continue Reading
Random Food Thoughts
Dear Mr. Kellogg, I understand that with inflation on the rise you are trying to find ways to continue making a profit without raising your prices or cutting the size of packages.  Truly, I sympathize.  Whatever the solution may be, I don’t believe it’s THIS: (For the record, this is an empty bag of Frosted Mini Wheats with a ridiculous amount of shredded wheat at the bottom.  I’m presuming that this allows the folks at Kellogg to meet the weight requirements of the package while cutting down on the amount of actual product they’re putting inside the bag.)  * * * * * On a different subject, I took my Raisin Bran Muffin recipe and changed it into Chocolate Chip-Cherry Bran Muffins.  They were absolutely delicious, and I used the dried cherries my mom brought me from Trader Joe’s in Omaha (I know, I know – WHY is there a Trader Joe’s in Omaha and NOT a Trader Joe’s in Dallas?!)  They only take 15 minute to bake which is nice and quick, and they’re pretty nutritious.  Since Husband won’t eat fruit in any kind of dessert or baked good I made half of them without the dried cherries.   And of course, the whole recipe is carni-vegan friendly! In case you’re curious, these babies will all be gone by noon tomorrow. Recipe: Chocolate Chip-Cherry Bran Muffins Ingredients 1 c. unsweeted almond milk 1/3 c. sunflower oil (or vegetable) 1/2 c. applesauce 1/4 c. full flavor molasses 1/2 c. dark brown sugar 3/4 c. wheat bran 1/2 c. old-fashioned rolled oats 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 1/4 c. whole wheat flour 1 Tbs. baking powder 1 c. chocolate chips 1 c. dried cherries, chopped Instructions Preheat the oven to 425. In medium bowl, whisk together milk, oil, applesauce, molasses, and brown sugar.... Continue Reading
No Dairy With That!! (A Carni-Vegan’s Guide to Dining Out)
It can be easy to eat dairy-free when you eat at home, especially if you cook most of your meals from scratch.  Dining out, however, is another story entirely.  I’ve spent the last 17 dairy-free weeks of my life trying to figure out how in the world I can still eat out with my family when I need a night off cooking – and still keep Abigail untainted. Ladies and gentlemen – my list of eating out…carni-vegan style: Eat All You’d Like Chick-fil-A.  Craving the folks who made the chicken sandwich?  Feel free to chow down on a Grilled Chicken Sandwich and french fries (aren’t they the best part?)  Their fantastic lemonade is also, of course, caffeine-free and completely dairy-free. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.  The Special Ground Beef Burrito (minus cheese and sour cream) will get you a yummy burrito that still includes their special sauce.  Woot! Burger King.  A Whopper with no cheese and mayo is perfectly okay to eat.  If we bring it home, I just spread a little Vegenaise on top and never know the difference.  [Side note:  There is a triple-Whopper in existence which this nursing mother has been known to devour on occasion.  I kid you not.] Chipotle.  Anything from Chipotle is okay as long as you forego the sour cream and cheese. Don’t You Dare McDonald’s french fries.  Yes, they’re right up there with Chick-fil-A and Runza as far as french fries go, but they also have cow’s milk in them.  Why?  I have no clue. McDonald’s breakfast sausage.  This also contains dairy.  Again…why?? Wendy’s chicken nuggets. Everything at Arby’s. Pappadeaux.  Though they’re very accommodating if you tell them about an allergy, the list of dairy-free items is pretty small.  Also, even their french bread has milk in it! That’s my starter list…more to come... Continue Reading
Good Ideas Gone Bad
Took the girls to the mall yesterday to get Husband’s shoes shined before his trial today.  If this sounds odd, consider that the alternative was ME shining the shoes. So, off to the mall we went!  While waiting for the shoes to be polished I decided to stop at Godiva and get each of the girls a truffle to eat.  (This was probably motivated by the fact that I cannot have a bite of milk chocolate while I’m dairy-free.) Sometimes I get confused and think that I have adults following me around instead of children.  When that happens, I try to do crazy things like buy them ridiculously expensive yet minute amounts of chocolate.  Somewhere in my head I imagine them sitting down with me at a table, savoring every bite, then feeling fully satisfied by the delectable, decadent, dessert they’ve just eaten.  Case in point?  Two truffles cost $4.30 with tax. S. devoured her strawberry truffle, and had chocolate all over every finger as well as the majority of her face.  L. started to eat hers and then discovered that hers was filled with caramel, not strawberry.  Because they are sisters this was, of course, a huge problem which ended with L. declaring she did not like the caramel truffle. Seriously??? We trekked BACK to Godiva only to discover that the caramel was actually a coating over the strawberry filling, with said filling “hiding” inside.  S. had eaten hers so quickly that we hadn’t seen the caramel.  We took the truffle out of the package and sat down at a table so L. could eat hers.  It was squished.  Can you guess whether or not this was a problem?? I think I’ll file this under No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.... Permalink