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Baking My Birthday Cake
As my 32nd birthday approaches this year, I am amused with the changes of the annual celebration of, well, me. There will be no helium-filled balloons, nor will there be any streamer-covered doorways which hale any child’s birthday celebration; rather, birthday bliss this year would consist of dust-free shelves and sticky-free floors.  There will be no signs outside or (more) balloons letting everyone know that someone inside this house is celebrating their “special day”.  Preferable to me would be popping A. into the BabyHawk and taking a walk with Husband, L., S., and Bradley. The biggest difference that I find, however, is that of the birthday cake.  Growing up, my family could never afford a store-bought birthday cake, so my memories of picking out my cake were that of the baking aisle at the grocery store.  I remember picking out the box of Duncan Hines birthday cake mix and whatever particular can of frosting appealed to me that year.  And I remember more than anything the sugar candies and candles from which I would get to choose.  They were something that would hold my gaze the entire length of the aisle, no matter if my birthday was fast approaching or had already passed.  As a child, my birthday cakes were wonderful. Now, however, I’ve watched too many episodes of Cake Challenge on the Food Network to be satisfied with just any old cake.  I have to take into account tiers, decorations, buttercream vs. homemade fondant, and, of course, flavors.  Unfortunately, my choice of flavors is limited, as Husband and L. are extremely picky.  And, though it is my cake, there’s no point in going through all the trouble of making a cake if nobody but me will be eating it. So this year I’ll be lovingly making my own cake... Continue Reading