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Random Happenings Around Here Part 2
I’ve taken a big of a break from blogging. Several things happened over the last year and I’m finally back into the swing of things.... Permalink
Something’s Gotta Stick
I don’t know how things work in your house, but around here desperation shows rears its ugly head with the telltale effort of Husband and I throwing as many things as we can at our problem and seeing what sticks. Make sense? Not really, I know, but I suppose that would be why it’s called desperation. The latest problem around here is my zombie-fication sleep, or the lack thereof. And the things we are throwing against the wall right now include: 1. A fully carni-vegan Kelly. [no cheating…not even by licking yogurt off my fingers!] 2. More table food throughout the day for A. 3. A bigger sleeping area for A. [more on this later] 4. Baby anbesol or it’s over the counter equivalent. 5. Very regular, scheduled nap times, including different practice times for the girls’ gymnastics. 6. PRAYER. [lots.]... Permalink