DisneyWorld at Christmas – 10 Reasons to GO!
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DisneyWorld 2012. WITH KIDS.
Crazy times are here folks…for the first time in 10 years Husband and I will be traveling to DisneyWorld. And for the first time ever, we’ll be going with our own children. Confession: before we had kids Husband and I went to D-World a total of 3 times…in the span of like 5 years. We’re kind of like Disney junkies who are getting ready to jump off the wagon. For context of our previous visits, here are some pictures of past trips to the Happiest Place on Earth:   You get the picture, right? Think CALM, RELAXED, ADULTS ONLY, AND ROMANTIC. *  *  *  *  * In light of these reflection, I think my best course of action is to completely erase ALL expectations and comparisons to previous trips, and try to figure out the best case scenario for traveling with 3 children under the age of 7. Then again, how much trouble could these two (plus their little sister) get into, eh?  ... Permalink
Slave Labor! j/k
I’m a huge fan of chores for kids. More specifically, I think children should have daily chores that are just part of their household duties in addition to “special” chores which they can do to earn a small allowance. Wipe making used to be in the category of fun, but L. has since declared that she thinks it should be an allowance chore. Guess who called in the recruits??... Permalink
Bringing Back the Fun
Do you ever wish you could channel the person you used to be…BEFORE you had kids? I think about this from time to time – not that I in any way wish that I could go back in time; rather that I could go back to being the fun, funny person I’m pretty sure I used to be. [Pregnancy brain from three children has pretty much obscured many of my long term memories.] By the way, the person I used to be is not to be confused with the person I try to be when I have those sudden realizations that I have turned into the proverbial “wet blanket”. So, here’s a pictorial for today of my progression from “Awesome Kelly” to “Awesome Kelly with some room for mood improvement”.       Now let’s cut to my birthday this year… In honor of these musings I pledge to do a funky chicken dance in my living room tonight, to put on some funny bunny ears, or to do something else that I’m pretty sure the Kelly of 10 years ago would do. How about you?... Permalink
Does SEX Matter??
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My Work in Progress
I have a dirty little secret. It’s my house. And try though I might to keep up with the endless laundry, the chaos of three girls who are not enrolled in any kind of MDO, the dishes [my word – the dishes!] from cooking three meals from scratch a day, the homeschooling,... Permalink
The Dairy Detox
So in light of certain events around this house, including A.’s continued bowel problems and hives after the introduction of small amounts of cow’s milk, we’re once again going dairy free. Here’s the problem…I like cow’s milk. I like ice cream, and cake, and muffins, and pancakes, and cheese. I also enjoy getting to make a recipe and only having to substitute eggs [yeah, I’m lazy]. But the biggest problem by far is struggling with how much I need to refrain from dairy. A. is still nursing, and depending on the status of her teething she either nurses a LOT or a little. Comments? Suggestions?... Permalink
Migraine, Migraine, Go Away.
There are LOTS of things people don’t tell you about breastfeeding…particularly when you’re pregnant and glow-y and still believe that putting your baby to sleep at night means changing their diaper, laying them in the crib, and watching them immediately fall asleep. [Bwaahaahaahaa!!!] This post isn’t about any of those things.... Permalink
Cleaning House
When your husband is sure that he has seen homeless people living in your backyard, and in fact now refers to said backyard as “The Shanytown” there are only two possibilities: 1. Your backyard is actually a shantytown and there are homeless people living there. 2. Your “let’s organize the storage sheds” project has spun wildly out of control. The last week has been a very strong case of the latter (thank goodness it’s not the former!) The project is finally done, although now the INSIDE of the house rather than the outside looks like the shantytown. *  *  *  *  * Oh well.  You can’t win ’em all.... Permalink
The Ugly Side of Attachment Parenting
I’m a big proponent of attachment parenting (A.P.). Basically it’s the belief that babies, in particular small babies, cry for a reason (not to be manipulative). It’s also the belief that children best gain independence on their own terms. [I often wonder if this was a wise parenting choice for me, as the mother of one increasingly independent baby and two older girls whose pictures should be under the definition of “independent” in the OED.] My reasons for choosing attachment parenting aren’t necessarily that I think crying it out or otherwise forcing separation makes for crazy adults, but rather that it just plain goes against my conscience. As a mother I figure God gave me my conscience for a reason, so I try to temper it with reason and follow it whenever possible. In all the things you read about, however, nobody really talks about the point in parenting in which A.P. gets ugly. In case you’re wondering, we’ve just entered the ugly stage with A. So ugly, in fact, that it could be called U.G.L.Y. U.  – Up.  As in, once the baby sharing your bed (or in our case sleeping in a side-car crib to our bed) learns how to climb off said bed by herself she will be Up and not Asleep. Want to lay her down for a nap and she’s note quite ready? You’ll hear a light slapping on the bedroom door letting you know that she’s NOT in her bed and is most definitely Up. G. – Go Where Mommy Goes, I do. At first we had babies who LOVED their daddies. Then we had babies that went through separation anxiety. And in case you weren’t aware, the A.P. solution for separation anxiety is MORE mom time. Baby doesn’t want you to go to... Continue Reading
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