The Taste Test
I love Costco. Yes I do, yes I do. I’ve also finally started to come around to buying the Kirkland brand of products [in some cases]. But when I came home from the store the other day with the Kirkland brand of chocolate chips…... Permalink
Pampering the MOM.
Come check out my post at Dallas Moms Blog today!... Permalink
The Burst Pipe
It really didn’t look that bad when I left the house. Though truth be told someone, somewhere, would probably say that you should never actually leave the house when you are aware that there’s is water bubbling out of the ground and you’ve done nothing to stop it. My bad.... Permalink
Random Thoughts
Heartbreaking, and proof that even with tough gun laws people will still find ways to murder. If you read the article you see that almost all of the teenagers murdered in England last year were victims of stabbings. Teenager Killed by Sword Wielding Gang *  *  *  * The acid attacks in the  middle east are another example of ways evil people find to harm others.... Permalink
Ground Cashew and Jelly Sandwich
The pantry was bare, and we still had quite a few days left to make our grocery budget stretch. First, I found a surprise loaf of my favorite Costco bread hiding in the deep freezer: Organic Sprouted Honey Wheat with Flaxseed. This stuff is so awesome it defies description.... Permalink
The NEW Trash Can
I believe they say that life is a series of connected moments, if you only you take a step back and look. For today’s life lesson you don’t have to step TOO far back. *  *  *  * Remember the Klepto Babies post last week? The one where A. was throwing things away and silly ME didn’t make the connection?... Permalink
Klepto Babies
Motherhood should come with its own sorts of warnings. Among them: * Think twice before sticking your finger down the back of your child’s diaper to see if it’s wet. You may get the dreaded “poop finger”. Or worse, the “poop under the fingernail”.... Permalink
Coffee Drinkers We Are Not.
  This was my Christmas present a few years from various family members. I kid you not. See, Husband and I do not drink coffee. Not only do we not drink coffee, but we don’t even think about coffee…at all.... Permalink
Why I Homeschool – in someone else’s words
I recently stumbled on Penelope Trunk’s blog and found her article entitled “Why I Homeschool.” I agree. I agree. I agree.... Permalink
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