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I was driving in the car and started thinking about great songs that have become so iconic [for me] in movies that EVERY time I hear them I’m brought to a specific scene in a specific movie. 1.  Time after Time – Cyndi Lauper —— Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion.  The dance scene at the end…c’mon, you know the one I’m talking about. 2. Thriller – Michael Jackson —— 13 Going on 30. The dance scene which turns into a full-on Thriller line dance reenactment.  Awesome! 3. Layla [the end] – Eric Clapton —— Goodfellas. Unfortunately the end of Layla always brings to mind the scenes where Robert DeNiro is cleaning up all the accomplices to his perfect crime.  Yuck. Does anyone have any other good ones?... Permalink
Watching Eclipse With a Guy – Part 1
Stereotypes exist for a reason. Most women like any film adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, and most men enjoy a Michael Bay flick. Not all women and not all men subscribe to these stereotypes, but quite a few do, and thus the existence of the stereotypes. Twilight: Eclipse finally came to the movie channels (in High-Def – yay!!) and Husband and I decided to watch it together. I had actually gone to see the movie when it was in the theaters, and even had a vague recollection of coming home and telling Husband “You shouldn’t watch that movie. Ever.” As time has passed and memories have faded, however, I seem to have forgotten my resolve on this issue. Now, stereotypes would dictate that I would enjoy the movie, and Husband would find it more than a little boring. I wish I could say that we broke the mold and smashed the stereotypes into which we are supposed to fall. I fell completely into mine, while Husband fell into what can only be described as a constant state of incredulity. The viewing was split into two nights, as the girls usually don’t give up the fight to stay awake until it’s too late to actually watch a full movie in one evening. There was also quite a bit of pausing and editorial commentary (a la Mystery Science Theater 3000) so the viewing was much longer than the actual runtime of the movie. AND NOW …… Watching Eclipse with a Guy. (Note:  Some of the scenes may be out of order due to my poor memory, but I have tried to reconstruct the conversations exactly)   Edward and Bella sitting in their field of flowers. Edward has just proposed to Bella and is giving her his moon eyes. Husband:  Wait, wait,... Continue Reading
The Most Underrated Adult Movies
As self-diagnosed moviephiles, Husband and I have started to compile a list of the most underrated adult movies we enjoy watching. And, in this context, we mean “adult” as in not rated G, and as opposed to the, um, other kind of adult movies. In order to make this list, the movie needs to have a decent budget and not be a straight-to-DVD release, have fallen under the radar (obviously), have no glaring plot holes, have excellent rewatchability, and have good acting. Let me guess, you’re surprised we could find even 10 to place on our list? (note:  subtle Pride and Prejudice reference) The initial list (in no particular order) is as follows: 1. Ride with the Devil 2. Murder by Death 3. Blow 4. Memento 5. Seven 6. Kiss of the Dragon 7. Jackie Brown 8. Push 9. Clockers 10. Narc Five that almost made our Top 10 but didn’t are: 11. Sneakers 12. Romeo Must Die 13. Spartan 14. Kiss of the Dragon 15. A Bronx Tale So the big question is, what are your thoughts??    ... Permalink