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Overdoer’s Anonymous, Day One-Half
Hi.  My name is Kelly, and I’m an overdoer. I tend to be one of those people that others look at and say “I don’t know how she does it!”  The truth, which nobody ever seems to believe, is that I don’t do it – or at least I don’t do it well.  I take too much on my plate, end up doing everything half as well as I’d like, get cranky, lose my temper, regret the crankiness and temper losing, and thank Husband and children for being patient with ME. As always, I’m full to the BRIM with examples. *  *  *  * Husband is out of town this weekend, and while a sane person would take that as a cue to relax, stick around the house, and keep things calm, I’ve once again managed to embroil myself in more than I can handle.  To be fair and completely honest, it wasn’t SUPPOSED to be this way.  When Husband gave me the dates for the snowboarding trip I’d insisted he go on I’d said “That’s sounds perfect!” without ever actually looking at the calendar on our wall. Bad…bad…Kelly. Thursday started off innocently enough with packing and quality time with the girls.  At the last minute, however, said children decided they really wanted to take their daddy to the airport, and so into the car we all piled.  [A. had just gone down for a nap less than 20 minutes before we left for the airport.]  We dropped Husband at the airport, turned around, and I finally realized that I had forgotten to go the grocery store while he was still here.  That meant driving through Arby’s for lunch, and of course blowing all that progress I was so happy about last weekend with not eating out [since Husband was... Continue Reading
I love watching my girls do things I remember doing as a child [and things I still wish I did more of today]. *  *  *  * S. swinging with her head back and her eyes closed, taking in the sun and the joy of the wind in her face. L. climbing on a bike rack and trying to balance herself.... Permalink
Going With the Flow
Does anyone else find the continually adjusting naptimes of little ones to be impossible to keep up with? A.’s sleeping schedule has changed, AGAIN, and I’m now to the point where I feel as if I can’t really do anything or go anywhere. Mornings have always been my go-to time for running errands…A. used to sleep in until 9 or so, allowing me to go to the store, mall, etc. without fear of her falling asleep in the car. *  *  *  * Our typical day  now runs like this: 7:00 A. awake…I try to ignore her talking until she stands up in her co-sleeper and starts talking directly to me.  I’m tired, but it’s still so cute… 8:00 Breakfast for me and kiddos 8:45 Breakfast over – dishes loaded in dishwasher (if I’m lucky.  Today, for example, there are still dishes on the counter AND the table…and the sink) 9:00 A. down for nap 11:20 A. wakes up 11:45 Start getting lunch ready for Husband to come home 1:00 Husband is back at work and dishes are (again, hopefully) put away in dishwasher 1:30-2:00 A. is ready for round two of naptime. 3:30 A. wakes up, and I have to start getting dinner ready 4:00-4:30 Feed L. before her gymnastics practice 5:00 Leave to take L. to practice 6:00 Arrive home, and reheat dinner 7:00 A. goes to bed, and S. shortly thereafter 8:00 Husband goes to pick L. up from practice (or me if I’m in need of some alone car time) 8:45 Feed L. copious amounts of food (last night, for instance, she ate a kid’s Clif bar on the way home, a bag of cheerios, a medium Arby’s sandwich, another Clif bar, and then a Twix for dessert). Sometime after this Husband and I collapse for... Continue Reading
Stay at Home Moms Have Bad Days, Too
Today is one of those days.  Those days when I sit at the computer listening to L. and S. fight in their room, while I wistfully remember what life was like when I worked ONLY 40 hours a week.  A 10 a.m. break for a Mrs. Field’s cinnamon roll?  Yes, I do believe I will.  Lunch at a table by myself with a good book?  More, please.  Lunch with Husband – and ONLY Husband?  I’d give my appendix! [Oh wait, I had that removed last year.] I remember cute work clothes and the joy of wearing high heels that made that clicking sound as I walked up and down marble floors.  I remember filing [NOT so fondly], hot chocolate in the mornings while I checked voicemails and got settled in [alas, pregnancy and nursing has placed me on an extended caffeine-abstinence program], and adult conversation [indeed, I rather fancied witty conversation without interruption]. I talked politics in the morning, football in the afternoon [back when we thought Nebraska was “rebuilding”, and not just entering the era of droll mediocrity], and extensive homemade feasts for a family of two [with ingredients from Central Market and a glass of wine to keep me company while I happily chopped, stirred, and made masterpieces at my leisure]. Yes, I miss working and being out in the great, wide, world. *  *  *  * Then something like THIS happens: [S., getting into my make-up] or THIS: or even THIS: and I’m humbled. *  *  *  * The hours are shitty less than favorable, the stress level can be through the roof, and the idea of adult conversation outside of the hour AFTER the kids go to bed but BEFORE my brain stops working is so far-fetched you’d better not even consider it. I miss Husband.... Continue Reading
Throwing in the Towel
At what point do you consider the day shot?  Is it when you and you husband awaken and can’t find your 3 year old?  Seriously, our home is less than 1300 square feet, so the possibility of anyone hiding for any length of time is out of the realm of belief.  Bedroom?  Nope – Husband even picked up all the blankets to make sure she wasn’t hiding.  Our room?  Nope.  Our closet?  Nope.   Spare room?  Nope. Just as panic was starting to set in I saw a gleaming light streaming out from underneath the pantry door. What to my wondering eyes should appear?  My 3 year old, sitting on a stool in the pantry with an OCD-type of Oreo picnic spread on the shelf (the Oreos were leftover from the cookies and cream buttercream icing on L.’s birthday cupcakes a few weeks ago). S. put down the oreo she was disembowling, looked at me and said promptly declared “No, I didn’t.” Husband walked into the kitchen and said “I told you she’d get into those.” I squinted my eyes to portray some sort of “Yes, I remember that.  And ptttth!” As I cleaned them up I looked into the large bin of dog food which is in the pantry and found 14 Oreo cookie discs…each one licked clean of all traces of hydrogenated, corn-syrupy filling.  If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then I suppose you could consider my towel thrown in. *  *  *  * On another note, today L. has her first dental check-up in over a year.  This means that all the guilt I’ve been building up for not helping her take care of her teeth as well as I should (Hey!  I was pregnant, and moving, and then had a new baby)... Continue Reading
Conversations with a 6 year old
L: Mommy, my room is clean, but I have to make a little bit of a mess because I’m going to San Antonio tonight. Me: What?  Why are you going to San Antonio? L: Because I have to work. Me: What do you have to do in San Antonio? L: I have to DO work.  I’ll be gone five days, but on the fifth day I’ll come back.  I’m sorry. [L. leaves room carrying pile of clothes in her arms – evidently she’s packing.]... Permalink
Tortilla Love
I recently delved into the world of tortilla making, as I haven’t been able to find tortillas I love in any of the stores.  Central Market has wonderful homemade tortillas they make fresh in the store everyday, but [and this is a big BUT] they give Abigail gas.  If this sounds a little unbelievable, I don’t blame you.  However, I’ve tried them numerous times, with nothing at all in my diet changed except the addition of the tortillas.  And??? Central Market’s tortillas give Abigail gas.  How is this possible?  To be honest I don’t quite know, but I’m thinking there must be some sort of cross-contamination with milk.  Either that or there’s a huge cover-up of Seinfeldian “frozen yogurt” proportions. Regardless, after looking at the ingredients of all the mainstream tortillas in the stores I finally decided to just try to make some myself.  The verdict?  Yay!!!!!  They taste yummy.  So yummy, in fact, that my picky 6 year old declared that they were best tortillas ever. The first recipe I made used flour, baking powder, salt, warm water, and vegetable shortening.  I used the shortening as I didn’t have any decent lard on hand, even though the shortening in and of itself is full of skeevy ingredients.  Using the food processor to cut the shortening in made the entire process take less than 4 minutes.  I then kneaded the dough for about 5 minutes [okay, WAY less than 5 minutes.  Have you tried kneading dough?  Holy cow that’s a workout!!] before cutting it into 12 pieces and letting it rest.  The next step was to roll the dough balls out and then throw them into a hot cast iron skillet for about 45 seconds on each side.  And voila!  Tortillas were done. The second recipe I made was this... Continue Reading
The Carni-Vegan Dines Out
[Me:] “Yes, I’d like the small Mowie Wowie, please.  With daiaya cheese instead of mozzarella.” [Man at Mellow Mushroom:] “No problem.  Ummmm, are you okay with the ham and bacon?” [Me:] “Yes.  I’m a carni-vegan.” [Man at Mellow Mushroom:] “Alright, it’s all good.  I’ve just never ever heard of that combination before!” *  *  *  * So I had my first experience with daiaya cheese, and I’ve got to tell you, it kind of creeped me out.  I was expecting it to look like real cheese, which it probably does until it comes out onto a table full of mozzarella cheese-covered pizzas. Everyone else’s pizza cheese looked bubbly and yellow. Mine?  It looked like someone had draped somewhat gelatinous, opaque shreds of something all over the pizza.  The color was also a teensy off-putting; I would describe it as white with some grayish hues. My solution, of course, was to make Husband eat some of it after I had gotten a few bites in. [Husband:] “Do I have to?” [Me:] “Yes.” [Husband, after thoughtfully chewing a large bite:] “Hmmm.  It’s actually pretty good.” (I’m still not sure he said this JUST to make me feel better.) I continued to chip away at my slice of pizza, which for the record had a pesto base, applewood smoked bacon, ham, pineapple, and banana peppers.  I figured with all of the toppings the daiaya would be more for show, and that it would be a great opportunity to give it a try.  As it turned out, however, the texture of the cheese was very creamy (not what I was expecting) and the after-flavor of the cheese almost reminded me of goat cheese (which I do NOT like). All in all, I will be getting my next pizza sans cheese – daiya or any... Continue Reading
This is an exciting week for my family!  My father is visiting from Iowa, a trip that he only makes annually, and has only started to do in the last three years.  Now we only have to figure out how to fit in one year’s worth of catching up in 5 days. My best friend and I have agreed on a bible study to do (courtesy of a recommendation from another dear friend) and have chosen Kelly Minter’s Living Room Series.  Since we both have infants and two older children, and we have both found it much more difficult than it should be (or perhaps much more difficult than we THINK it should be), we’ve found an alternative solution to the typical bible study small group.  We are going to phone conference one a week for an hour or two while our husbands watch the kids!  We’ll get accountability (always much needed), encouragement (again – always a good thing) and hopefully a good dose of grace AND wisdom.  I’m very excited about this! After several weeks of being in some sort of funk, I have also re-dedicated myself to living purposefully.  This means not spending my days vacantly taking care of the house and kids, but remembering EVERY DAY that the most important things I will ever do in life will be within the four walls of my home. On that note, my goals for today: 1.  Go to the grocery store (blech) and while there pick up some spider webs to continue decorating the exterior of the house for Halloween. (yay!) 2.  Have my children help me cook at least one meal today (they love it, and so do I when I’m not being impatient.  If I remember that it’s not the end meal, but the process of getting... Continue Reading
Today is a bad parenting day.  Although I’ve been working very hard lately on being “present” in the home all day and focusing much less on me me me me me me, today is turning out to be a failure. I’ve cleaned out the storage unit, played the piano, talked on the phone, fixed the kids lunch, eaten two chocolate cupcakes on the sly, talked on the phone [not a typo] and have spent the rest of the day on the computer.  Playing.  And not EVEN enjoying it. The good news?  The simple act of writing this has helped me shake off the haze.  I’m off to make dinner (with my kids’  more than willing help) and read some stories on the floor together!... Permalink
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