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The Sickness
We’ve been sick around here. Really, really sick. So sick, that I’m now convinced that we don’t actually have normal viruses, but some sort of third-world country super-virus. That’s what I get for letting my kids play in the swampy part of the woods, I guess. Seriously, though, both L. and S. have been on an antibiotic for 5 days, and just now starting to show signs of improvement. I’ve been on a Z-pack for 3 days and don’t feel one bit better. How is that even possible? I will keep you posted, and hopefully Husband will let you know if I do in fact just have the vapors and succumb ala Marguerite Gautier.... Permalink
Toddlers and Trains
Come visit Dallas Moms Blog today to see my post Trains and Toddlers about getting out of the house with kids in an unexpected way. *  *  *  * Tune in Monday for my tale of the midnight MRI that just…wouldn’t…end.... Permalink
6 Tips for Road Tripping with Small Children
It will come as no surprise that with the majority of our family living at least 600 miles away, our children have become well-seasoned road travelers. This does not mean, however, that they are always happy road travelers.... Permalink
Think You Can’t Homeschool?
I usually hear one of two reasons... Permalink
Going T.V. Free For My Kids’ Sake
A few weeks ago one of the homeschooling groups I belong to posted this video about young children, television, and overstimulation from TED:... Permalink
5 Things I Dislike Doing
1. Organizing the art area AFTER L. has “cleaned up”.... Permalink
Pampering the MOM.
Come check out my post at Dallas Moms Blog today!... Permalink
The Burst Pipe
It really didn’t look that bad when I left the house. Though truth be told someone, somewhere, would probably say that you should never actually leave the house when you are aware that there’s is water bubbling out of the ground and you’ve done nothing to stop it. My bad.... Permalink
The NEW Trash Can
I believe they say that life is a series of connected moments, if you only you take a step back and look. For today’s life lesson you don’t have to step TOO far back. *  *  *  * Remember the Klepto Babies post last week? The one where A. was throwing things away and silly ME didn’t make the connection?... Permalink
Klepto Babies
Motherhood should come with its own sorts of warnings. Among them: * Think twice before sticking your finger down the back of your child’s diaper to see if it’s wet. You may get the dreaded “poop finger”. Or worse, the “poop under the fingernail”.... Permalink
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