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Take it Easy (on Yourself)
I think there are probably two kinds of people in this world: the greys, and the black and whites. And of course where you stand depends on what, exactly, we’re talking about.... Permalink
Bible Study Bliss
I finally finagled myself into a Beth Moore bible study, which I’ve been wanting to do for QUITE some time. [I literally walked up to a stranger and asked them where they were doing the study. Very rarely I find the nerve to do such things; I usually don’t regret them]. Finding a bible study that speaks to you can be a very difficult process…a fact I’ve felt keenly in the last year as I bounced to and from different groups. After all, when Husband and I moved back to the big D last January we not only left behind any kind of proximity to family, but also a fantastic women’s bible study group AND small group. It was a triple hit. So here I’ve been…trying to find a group of women that I can not only connect with on several levels, but also trust with my personal and spiritual struggles and joys. Sounds like a tall order, eh? The icing on the cake?  I’ve discovered something very important about myself: I need a bible study with some meat on its bones.  I don’t WANT a study I can do at the last minute, one day, once every two weeks. For my own spiritual nourishment I need something much more in depth. The way I see it is that if I’m going to be studying the bible, I might as well delve in as deeply as I can.  [Thus the desire for a Beth Moore study, which has five days of homework and five different levels of participation.] I picked up the book, did my first week of study, and two weeks ago walked into a room full of women I’d never met [except for the stranger I’d approached that day, who sent me a message telling me she was... Continue Reading
This is an exciting week for my family!  My father is visiting from Iowa, a trip that he only makes annually, and has only started to do in the last three years.  Now we only have to figure out how to fit in one year’s worth of catching up in 5 days. My best friend and I have agreed on a bible study to do (courtesy of a recommendation from another dear friend) and have chosen Kelly Minter’s Living Room Series.  Since we both have infants and two older children, and we have both found it much more difficult than it should be (or perhaps much more difficult than we THINK it should be), we’ve found an alternative solution to the typical bible study small group.  We are going to phone conference one a week for an hour or two while our husbands watch the kids!  We’ll get accountability (always much needed), encouragement (again – always a good thing) and hopefully a good dose of grace AND wisdom.  I’m very excited about this! After several weeks of being in some sort of funk, I have also re-dedicated myself to living purposefully.  This means not spending my days vacantly taking care of the house and kids, but remembering EVERY DAY that the most important things I will ever do in life will be within the four walls of my home. On that note, my goals for today: 1.  Go to the grocery store (blech) and while there pick up some spider webs to continue decorating the exterior of the house for Halloween. (yay!) 2.  Have my children help me cook at least one meal today (they love it, and so do I when I’m not being impatient.  If I remember that it’s not the end meal, but the process of getting... Continue Reading