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Random Happenings Around Here Part 2
I’ve taken a big of a break from blogging. Several things happened over the last year and I’m finally back into the swing of things.... Permalink
A Star is Born!
Come check out my most recent post at Dallas Moms Blog!... Permalink
Random Happenings Around Here
Lots of things have been happening around here. First there’s this: Then there’s the celiac diagnosis we received on our third daughter, A. What this means is that between a family of six (yikes!) we have five diagnosed asthmatics and allergies to the following (in no specific order): eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, peanut, almond, grapes, soy, pecan, cauliflower, and shellfish. Yes, I’m serious. No, really. So between trying to get all gluten products out of little A.’s diet (which has been thus far a 6 month laborious and still not complete project) and growing the newest addition to our family I’ve had neither the inclination nor the time to write. That’s not wholly true, as I’ve had lots of conversations in my head in the middle of the night for blog posts, I just haven’t had the inclination to actually get to the computer and start typing. Or editing. So now for a few things on my mind: 1. Zoinks! I now have four children age 8 and under. It is supremely awesome and at the same time leaves me feeling like I have ADHD. The ability to concentrate has left my body and I can only hope that at some point it will come back. 2. Changing a boy’s diaper is wayyyyyyy different than changing a girl’s diaper. And much harder. 3. Not being pregnant anymore is great!  ... Permalink
dr. smith ointment
Dr. Smith’s Ointment Launch Party
This week I had the exciting opportunity to attend the Dallas launch party of Dr. Smith’s Premium Blend Diaper Ointment. This was exciting to me for multiple reasons: 1) I was presented with the opportunity to meet Ali Landry; 2) Diaper rash was a consistent problem for both S. and A. whenever we would temporarily switch to disposable diapers; and 3) It was being hosted at Fearings at the Ritz-Carlton (and as a foodie you know I cannot resist such a buzz-worthy hotspot). I had a blast getting to meet other bloggers from as far away as Austin, as well obtain some amazing samples of Dr. Smith’s Ointment. As stated earlier, with both of my younger girls we ran into significant diaper rash problems whenever we would switch to disposable diapers. And really, there are just times where you NEED disposable diapers. We also battled thrush consistently with A. (which would only resolve when I gave up yeast and refined sugar. Seriously.) So with baby #4 on the way I am now fully armed with diaper rash protection and the knowledge of what it’s like to have to host an Emmy fashion show wrap-up just 8 weeks after you’ve had a baby. All I can say is that Ali Landry is a far braver woman than I.    ... Permalink
Take it Easy (on Yourself)
I think there are probably two kinds of people in this world: the greys, and the black and whites. And of course where you stand depends on what, exactly, we’re talking about.... Permalink
Doodie in the Pool
Do you remember Caddyshack? Please say yes. Do you remember Caddy Pool Day? ... Permalink
Body Changes
So there’ve been some new things around here. Like this: Keep in mind that only a few short (eleven) weeks ago, after doing Bret Contreras’ Strong Curves lifting program since January, I looked like this: Yep. That’s how quickly it happens when you get to baby #4. By my calculations I’ve been pregnant for 30 months out of the last 8 years. I’ve been nursing for 5 of those years. So it’s probably not a stretch to say that my body immediately settles in the comfort of what it knows: making and taking care of babies. And please, please. Let’s save the twin jokes for another day.... Permalink
Easy Breakfast for a Family of Five
Breakfast is a killer for a family that eats real food. No pop tarts, no cereal... Permalink
Kelly’s Going-Bananas Banana Bread
I know, I know, we all have great banana bread recipes. But this, I PROMISE you, is worth a try.... Permalink
The Sickness
We’ve been sick around here. Really, really sick. So sick, that I’m now convinced that we don’t actually have normal viruses, but some sort of third-world country super-virus. That’s what I get for letting my kids play in the swampy part of the woods, I guess. Seriously, though, both L. and S. have been on an antibiotic for 5 days, and just now starting to show signs of improvement. I’ve been on a Z-pack for 3 days and don’t feel one bit better. How is that even possible? I will keep you posted, and hopefully Husband will let you know if I do in fact just have the vapors and succumb ala Marguerite Gautier.... Permalink
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