Migraine, Migraine, Go Away.

There are LOTS of things people don’t tell you about breastfeeding…particularly when you’re pregnant and glow-y and still believe that putting your baby to sleep at night means changing their diaper, laying them in the crib, and watching them immediately fall asleep. [Bwaahaahaahaa!!!]

This post isn’t about any of those things.

What it IS about, however, is the OTHER list of things people don’t tell you about when breastfeeding.  What things would these be??These would be the always-impending-yet-never-sure-when-she-is-going-to-arrive-Aunt-Flo. These would be clogged milk ducts because your big kid accidentally elbowed you HARD in the chest. These would be the laboriously long and drawn out hormonal changes you face as you gently and gradually wean your little one. These would be the months on end of the Three Faces of Eve making weekly appearances at your house because your body still doesn’t know if it’s supposed to be preparing to make another baby or not.

And if you feel like adding a little spice to that mix, take one child who goes from sleeping through the night to night-nursing [hellllooooo teething!] and you will literally have no clue what your body is doing.

*  *  *  *

Which brings me to this weekend, when we rebounded off of not one, but TWO sick children right into the land of Mommy Migraine. [This mommy’s migraines happen to be caused by constantly fluctuating progesterone levels.] In case you’re curious, this is what that magical land feels like:



I think people tried to contact me, and I’m pretty sure I took care of my children in some sort of capacity, but other than that I couldn’t give you a very good description of what transpired during those 48-72 hours. I believe lots of cans of Annie’s O’s were heated in the microwave, and lots of crackers were eaten.  Lots.

And then, as always happens after a storm, the sun comes out.


That’s me and my three children – skipping off into the emerald horizon because mommy’s migraine is gone and life can resume back to normal. I once again love nursing, my kids, Husband, the dog, and just about everything and everyone else around here. To me, that’s definitely something worth skipping down the yellow brick road.


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  • MommaJ

    Mommyhood isn’t fun, but knowing other people feel your pain sometimes helps the journey! Thinking of you this morning and lifting you and your family in prayer for a good, migraine-free week.