Dr. Smith’s Ointment Launch Party

This week I had the exciting opportunity to attend the Dallas launch party of Dr. Smith’s Premium Blend Diaper Ointment. This was exciting to me for multiple reasons: 1) I was presented with the opportunity to meet Ali Landry;

Ali Landry

2) Diaper rash was a consistent problem for both S. and A. whenever we would temporarily switch to disposable diapers; and

3) It was being hosted at Fearings at the Ritz-Carlton (and as a foodie you know I cannot resist such a buzz-worthy hotspot).

I had a blast getting to meet other bloggers from as far away as Austin, as well obtain some amazing samples of Dr. Smith’s Ointment. As stated earlier, with both of my younger girls we ran into significant diaper rash problems whenever we would switch to disposable diapers. And really, there are just times where you NEED disposable diapers. We also battled thrush consistently with A. (which would only resolve when I gave up yeast and refined sugar. Seriously.)

So with baby #4 on the way I am now fully armed with diaper rash protection and the knowledge of what it’s like to have to host an Emmy fashion show wrap-up just 8 weeks after you’ve had a baby. All I can say is that Ali Landry is a far braver woman than I.



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