Doodie in the Pool

Do you remember Caddyshack? Please say yes.

Do you remember Caddy Pool Day? 

Do you remember what they thought happened at the pool?

*  *  *  *

Cut to a very special evening, when genius Kelly decided to pile all three girls into the car and drive ALL the way to the pool at Lifetime Fitness to wear them out before bedtime. After all, Husband was at a work conference staying at the 5 Diamond Wynn Encore (his room was ridiculously awesome, btw). All three girls had run four straight hours of errands with me after waiting through L.’s first art class of the school year. And then there was the fact that because Husband wasn’t home and I tend to throw things to the wind when he’s not around…I didn’t wake A. up from her nap until almost 6.

Yes, that would be 5:45 p.m.

I fed them a quick dinner and then promised them all a fantastic evening of swimming at the pool until it closed at 8.

Everyone excited? Check.

Everyone prepared to be worn out in time for bed? Check.

Doodie in the pool? Check.

Wait, what???

Yes, that’s right. In the 13 minutes it took me to drive to the gym somebody decided to go with it and just doodie in the pool.

The….ahem…debris had been cleaned up and the lifeguards were in the process of “shocking the pool”. For those of you who don’t know what this looks like, it involves somebody taking large cups of some super noxious chemical and sprinkling it into the shallow end. Where presumably it will eventually filter out to the rest of the humongous pool.

At this point I was wondering if the salt-like chemicals are going to cause my kids skin to melt off, and whether we might have been better off swimming in doodie (just kidding – I’m a germaphobe!!)  So when the lifeguards told me they’d decided to close the pool for evening since it was going to be at least 45 minutes until it was ready for swimming, I sighed in relief.

Until we got back to the locker room and my two year old, who was expecting to swim, started stomping her feet and screaming “My want the pool!”

“Do you want ice cream????” I say.


*  *  *  *

The moral of the story?

Dairy + sugar can save almost any situation.


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