Adventures of the Carni-Vegan

[322/365] Genius (Explored)
Sorry I’ve been absent the last few weeks, but I’ve been busy eating.

No, literally. I’ve spent almost every waking hour of the last two weeks stuffing my face full of anything and everything (including dairy products) I could find. The reason? Turns out those silly folks that talk about the paleo diet are right [at least regarding my body]: eating meat, veggies, and fruits DOES make you lose weight and have more energy than you could imagine.

The problem? [Bear with me as I know that the idea of post-baby weight loss doesn’t really seem like a problem…] I’m also breastfeeding.

[Dun-dun-dun —– cue: scary music]

Wait, breastfeeding while eating the paleo diet doesn’t sound scary to you? ┬áLet’s have a visual aid.

For a normal person the paleo diet rocks, and they end up looking like this:


For me the paleo diet looks like this:


And no matter how you put it, the above-referenced picture is just NOT ideal for wives, mothers, your friends, or…well, anyone.

On that note, and in an attempt to remedy said situation, I’m off to have another piece of toast this morning. Adieu.

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