A New Apron and New Hair

It’s no secret that I love to cook.

What I’ve discovered in my 7 + years of having children, however, is that if you love to cook (and your children love to be around when you’re cooking) an apron is a must-have.


1. You have kids. This means that you pick up the innocent looking dish towel sitting on the counter and discover….ugh. Whatever weird substance is on there. If you’re wearing an apron, you can dry your hands on it or use it quickly wipe your hands.

2. You can hide things from your children with them. I know, I know, this sounds bad. But the war that ensues over teaspoon measuring spoons, for example, gives me plenty of good reason to keep an extra set in my apron pocket and just add the baking soda and vanilla quickly when no one is looking.

3. Maybe you’ll only have to change your shirt one time today. As moms our clothes face enough daily challenges with sticky hands and faces of our little ones. An apron simply gives your wardrobe a small but much needed break.

4. You want to look cute. Come now, you KNOW you do.

So without further ado….

Here, courtesy of Kitsch *n Glam [which has been featured in InStyle magazine] is my new apron!


NOW I'm stylin'

NOW I’m stylin’…

…and NOW I’m ready to cook!

I’m comfortable, I’m protected, and I look pretty darn cute if Husband happens to surprise us by coming home early. Maybe he won’t even notice the flour I will have gotten into my hair and probably streaked across my face like war paint.

The best part? Order anything from Kitsch *n Glam within the next 10 days using the coupon code Peaches15 and you’ll get an extra 15% off any order you place.

Wait, wait…what if aprons aren’t your thing? No problem. Kitsch *n Glam has everything from adorable mugs to very-cool printed bags. They even have things for your little ones.

Kitsch 'n Glam

*  *  *  *

In other news, I just colored my head a new shade of red.

It’s a little bit, um, red. But it will also wash out, so look for it to fade significantly in day-glo brightness as the next week or so passes.

I get my hair color tips from my daughter...and Belle Watling.

I get my hair color tips from my daughter…and Belle Watling.

I think, however, that my new shade of red matches my new apron perfectly. And really, what more can a girl ask for??


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  • amsangel

    I want to be your neighbor as a grown up!!!

  • Dana

    I love the red! And the apron is adorable.