Why Cottage Cheese and Peaches?

My mother was ahead of her time in the fight against refined sugars and corn syrup.  As a child my breakfast would consist of either Shredded Wheat (note I did not write Frosted Shredded Wheat) or Cream of Wheat with the teeeensiest bit of brown sugar.  During the summers I would hurry over to the neighbor’s house across the street, trying to get over there before they finished breakfast, in the hopes that I might have a bowl of their Count Chocula or Fruity Pebbles.

Dessert provided the most glaring difference between what was acceptable for me versus the rest of the world.  Every evening my father would systematically clean his plate in anticipation of his bowl of Blue Bunny ice cream (we’re from the North where Blue Bell doesn’t exist) topped with Hershey syrup. The flavors changed with the seasons–peppermint swirl in the winter, praline in the spring, and all other assorted flavors as each season passed. For me, however (and I’m not quite sure how this happened), my mother would offer up a bowl of cottage cheese and peaches. She was a great pitch-man, and I can still remember her asking me, “Wouldn’t you like a nice bowl of cottage cheese? I’ll slice up some nice cold peaches and you can eat it in the living room…” and I was sold. I mean SOLD! Somehow–I’m still not quite sure how–I ended up eating cottage cheese and peaches for dessert while my Father ate ice cream. And I loved it.

As an adult I have a terrible sweet tooth, and I often wonder if the reason stems from the restrictiveness of my upbringing, or whether it is simply a part of my DNA. I would wager the answer lies somewhere between the two; and, although I love a piece of dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and marshmallow buttercream filling (sigh), more often than not, on any given evening of the week, I’m just as satisfied with a heaping bowl of cottage cheese and peaches.


About the Author


Kelly is a devoted wife and mother of three amazing girls (and one incorrigible dog).

When she is not chasing after her spirited blessings, she is an aspiring writer, seamstress, painter, pianist, and chef.  She spends her days spreading crunchiness, libertarianism, and God’s love, although not in that order.


Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.

– Psalms 119:105